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Gift Wrap

We are leaders in manufacturing gift packaging products such as wrapping paper, gift boxes and bags. We offer our clients a wide variety of designs, including a line dedicated exclusively to green products.

  • Laminated bag set with Nemo design, from DISNEY’s wrapping collection.

  • Laminated gift bag and wrapping paper set with a unique sporty design.

  • Laminated bag and wrapping paper set with Princess’ design, from DISNEY’s collection.

  • Laminated bag set with Cars design, from DISNEY’s wrapping collection.

  • Eco bag set, made of kraft papers in different pastel shades.

  • Eco-friendly gift bag set, in colorful kraft paper.

  • Coordinated gift bag and folding boxes collection made of kraft paper with linear finishes, perfect for any occasion.

  • Coordinated collection of gift bags and boxes with offset printing and a very sweet design.

  • Coordinated collection of bags folding boxes with offset printing and a modern floral design.

  • Coordinated collection of laminated bags and boxes with a striking masculine design.

  • Coordinated gift bags set with offset printing and handles made of soft materials.

  • Coordinated set of bags and gift folding boxes with offset printing.

  • Collection of tubular gift boxes with high gloss varnish and a very sporty design.

  • Gift box set in kraft papers with a linear texture.

  • Laminated bag set with Mickey design, from DISNEY’s paper-wrap collection.

  • Offset printed collapsible gift boxes in SBS board

  • Wrapping paper in sheets and gift bags with matte finishes and polypropylene handles, highlighting one of our modern designs for the Women’s segment.

  • Offset printed gift bags and tissue

  • Winnie The Pooh laminated paper bag set from the DISNEY collection.

  • Offset printed gift bags with soft rope handles

  • Wrapping paper in sheets and gift bags with matte finishes and polypropylene handles, highlighting one of our modern designs for the Women’s segment.

  • Offset printed gift wrap paper

  • Paper bags (in sizes “E” and “D”, respectively) with matte lamination and an attractive design, by our SENTIMIENTOS license.

  • Disney licensed artwork in offset printed gift bag

  • Collapsible gift cartons, gift wrap and tissue

  • Coordinated set of laminated paper bags and gift boxes with a playful design, perfect for kids.

  • Gift box collection with high gloss varnish, perfect for any occasion.

  • Offset printed gift bags and collapsible cartons

  • 2-color printed couché wrapping paper, with an intense gloss and modern design, ideal for kids.

  • Eco-friendly rectangular bag made of kraft paper with yute handles (left). Next to it, cardboard bag with die-cut handle, perfect for those who love the DISNEY*PIXAR adventures.

  • Tubular gift boxes made from Kraft Back

  • Licensed bags printed on Bleached Kraft paper printed in 4 color process

  • Collection of Premium gift bags printed on Bleached Kraft paper and coordinating gift wrap paper sheets

  • Collection of licensed paper in different properties

  • Custom printed paper rolls for stores

  • Custom printed paper rolls for stores

  • Wrapping papers with exclusive designs, shapes and finishes


From our factories in El Salvador, our experience and cutting-edge technology allow us to offer a wide range of processes that position us as global leaders in the production of gift wrap.

  • Embossing and debossing
  • Variety of attachments: ribbons, buttons, tags, etc
  • Different varnishes: high high gloss, high gloss, matte, offset and UV
  • Rounded edges or die-cut
  • Custom design
  • Hot stamping and embossing
  • Automatic, manual bag assembly
  • Trimming or refiling
  • Offset printing and one-color rotogravure
  • Glossy and matte laminations
  • Rewinder
  • Grommet
  • Sheeting
  • Silkscreen printing: UV varnish, glitter, flocking and glitter with embossing powder
  • Cord weaving
  • Die-cuts: normal cut, semi-perforated, die-cut and 50% die-cut
  • Short-run digital printing with the HP INDIGO 5500 printer


1. What types of products do you offer?
We offer gift boxes, wrapping paper and gift bags.

2. What are the processes used to manufacture your products?
The main processes we use are: printing, die-cutting, stamping, embossing, silkscreen printing, lamination and product manual/automatic assembly.

3. What kinds of raw materials are available for your packaging products?
We offer Dependoweb and Monolucide for the fabrication of papers and a variety of cardboards for the production of boxes. For bags, we offer: couché, krafts, folcote and fine papers, among others. We also offer a diverse range of materials for the manufacture of handles such as ribbon, twisted paper, natural fibers, polyester, polypropylene, etc.

4. What kind of printing do you use?
We use offset, flexographic, serigraphic and rotogravure printing, depending on the type of product.

5. How many colors can you print?
We have capacity for up to four-color process/full color or direct color printing, depending on the design and customer requirements.

6. Where can I find your products?
Our products can be found at any of the following: department stores, bookstores, convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and specialty stores, among others.

7. What countries do you serve?
We serve clients in the United States, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe and in some South American countries.

8. Do you offer design services?
Yes, we offer from concept and design development (if required by the customer), to the manufacturing and delivery of our products.

9. Do you have any licenses?
Yes, our long experience in the manufacturing of social expression products has allowed us to become licensees of leading international brands: Disney and Sentimientos.

10. What types of bags do you offer?
We offer from the most traditional bags like triangular, rectangular and trapezoidal, to other custom-made forms that our customers require.

11. Do you offer recycled or environmentally friendly materials for the production of the bags?
Yes, we have a mill in Guatemala that provides us cardboard from 175gsm onwards, with different contents of recycled material, up to 100% recycled (post consumer and / or industrial). We also have access to paper with fruit fiber.

12. Do you use recycled and environmentally friendly materials to package and ship the finished product?
Yes, all our corrugated boxes have at least 35% recycled material.

13. Is there a minimum amount of production?
The minimum amount of production depends on the product. For example, the minimum amount for bags is 3,000 units, for boxes is 4,000 units and for rolls of wrapping paper it is 1,500 kg. by custom design.

14. How I can place an order?
To place an order please contact us at 503-25676000 or toll-free in the US at 866-641-8280. Our sales agents will be happy to assist you.

15. What is the turnaround time?
Turnaround time is 4-6 weeks after receiving the purchase order and that all elements have been approved.

16. How are our products shipped?
The shipping depends on the final destination. If the destination is the USA, it is shipped by sea to Miami, FL., where it is then sent directly to the customer. Product going to Mexico and Central America is sent overland. We have preferential rates with DHL, UPS, TransExpress and other shipping companies for urgent deliveries. Product going to Europe and Australia, is sent via air or sea.

17. Do you offer urgent delivery programs?
Yes, we have programs available for "rush delivery", which are shipped via air and delivered in two weeks.

18. Can you provide catalogs and samples?
Yes, we can send brochures of our raw materials in stock and some sample bags for reference. We also have PDF and color sample documents.

19. Can all of the products you offer be customized?
Absolutely all of our products can be customized. Since our bags are handmade, we can also do special packaging and fulfillment.

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