We have helped our clients sell over two billion products, on grocery shelves, pharmacies, luxury boutiques, jewelry displays, among others. Our experience and knowledge is priceless, but we would love to share it with you.
The Q Factor is the extra level of creativity and commitment that we bring to each challenge we solve for our clients, every day. It’s what makes us unique and what enables us to maintain lasting relationships with some of the most impressive corporations in the world.

Case Histories

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  • Especies Don Julio

    Especies Don Julio, a spice company in Central America and the Caribbean, required a packaging solution for all its products, including sauce, vinegar and powdered spices.

    SigmaQ Response: The highly experienced production team in Kontein, one of SigmaQ’s 10 subsidiary factories dedicated to the production of plastic containers, designed "molds" exclusively for Especies Don Julio, each of which was designed specifically for their product lines. SigmaQ stayed true to its commitment to its clients’ success which showed in the positive acceptance the plastic containers had, pushing Especies Don Julio to increase the order's volume drastically, and leading Kontein's construction of an additional warehouse to store Especies Don Julio's products.

    Result: With SigmaQ's help, Especies Don Julio grew from a local business to a well-known brand in Central America and the Caribbean.
  • Pollo Campero: Cutting-edge packaging solutions


    Pollo Campero, one of the most important fast food chains in Latin America, approached SigmaQ hoping to improve its overall product presentation.

    SigmaQ Response SigmaQ came up with several proposals to improve product presentation, the best of which was a box that trapped grease inside it. Greaseproof technology, an innovative solution seamlessly handled by SigmaQ, was applied to four different boxes, all of which were used exclusively for exporting to the U.S.A. The grease proof’s success was undeniable and led Pollo Campero to apply the same technology to its local packaging as well.

    Result: SigmaQ's proposal guaranteed Pollo Campero's products would be in excellent conditions upon reaching the final consumer, making them friendlier to customers in the U.S.A., the country where is headed a great volume of this product presentation. To this day, Pollo Campero and SigmaQ work together closely, constantly searching for ways to improve their products.
  • Tequila Don Julio: Innovative Designs

    Challenge In early 2000, tequila Don Julio identified the opportunity to re-launch the brands "Don Julio 1942" and "Don Julio Real" to refresh its image and re-establish itself as a leader in the market of “premium tequilas”. To this end, the company needed luxury packaging with unique details.

    SigmaQ Response Specialty Products, one of SigmaQ's subsidiary factories dedicated to the production of premium packaging, worked with the client, through an exchange of ideas, in creating a packaging solution that would reflect Don Julio’s personality. To do so, special raw materials and innovative shapes were used, including a rotating case. The packaging for Don Julio 1942 and Don Julio Real allowed the brand to display the bottles elegantly, transmitting their products’ prestige.

    Result: SigmaQ’s innovative proposals have contributed to Don Julio’s positioning, increasing its market share and enhancing its reputation in the “premium tequila” market segment.
  • Micallef: A True Packaging Partner

    Challenge Micallef is a leading French perfumer with a strong presence in the Middle East that annually re-launches its perfume lines. In order to successfully accomplish these re-launches, Micallef needed a true integral packaging partner that was capable of responding quickly, but also skilled enough to understand, transform and capture through packaging the brand’s concept and prestige.

    SigmaQ Response Specialty Products, one of SigmaQ's subsidiary factories dedicated to the production of premium packaging, started developing the packaging for Ananda’s launch at the prestigious Paris Gallery, located in the United Arab Emirates. It started working on a sophisticated design and, in three weeks, it produced and shipped the order directly to Dubai for the product’s launch.

    Result: As a result of this successful development, Micallef was able to meet the demands of one of its most important clients. SigmaQ became its only supplier of pouches, bags and boxes, successfully covering 100% of its packaging needs.
  • Fabergé: Long-term Relationships

    Challenge Fabergé, one of the oldest and most prestigious brands in the world, came to Specialty, one of SigmaQ’s subsidiary factories dedicated to the manufacture of luxury packaging, to create a packaging solution that would highlight its works of art and attract the consumer.

    SigmaQ Response The Fabergé Project included the design and manufacture of luxury boxes and pouches, using MDF covered with exclusive fabrics such as Blue Rich Belle and satin, to transmit the collectors’ passion for these works of art and simultaneously ensure the products protection. Finally, SigmaQ used hot stamping with gold foil to reflect the magnificence of each piece. The end result? Jewelry that covered Fabergé’s works of art.

    Result: After SigmaQ’s excellent packaging solution, Fabergé eliminated its packaging department and made us its only supplier. Delivery of products from 2004 onwards has been perfect, strengthening a long-term relationship with the client and ensuring quality and punctuality in every order.
  • King Pine: Integral Packaging Partner

    Challenge: With an increase in sales volume, King Pine was looking for a packaging supplier that could meet their rapidly growing packaging needs, without sacrificing their containers’ shape and quality.

    SigmaQ Response: Kontein, one of SigmaQ’s 10 subsidiary factories dedicated to the production of plastic containers, created a personalized, lighter-weighted plastic container in 5 different presentations, which reduced both its cost and resource consumption. A true integral packaging partner, SigmaQ also supplied labels and corrugated boxes for the containers.

    Result: Kontein, in El Salvador, ships monthly to the United States the containers, with their labels and corrugated cardboard boxes. The efficient logistics of these integral packaging solutions allows the client to distribute its products to different countries, successfully and on time.