Who we
SigmaQ is a multinational company composed of 10 factories in Central America and 9 sales offices. Our factories specialize in a variety of packaging lines, allowing us to provide integral packaging solutions.


To maintain sustainable growth and profit levels, driven by a deep understanding of our client’s changing needs and the highest levels of innovation, flexibility and cost efficiency.


To be recognized among clients as the leading packaging supplier, offering the most innovative and valuable solutions for protecting, transporting, and selling their products.
We are the leading multi-packaging supplier in the region--with strong worldwide market participation--dedicated to helping our customers grow their business through commitment to their success, deep knowledge of their needs, unsurpassed expertise and our constant dedication to developing creative solutions.

Your one-stop-shop for packaging and displays



We believe in being honest and transparent, protecting the company and personnel’s well-being and reputation.


We believe in applying creativity to all aspects of the business, through the constant pursuit of innovation to improve our products and processes.

Customer care

We believe in establishing permanent relationships with our clients, by making our expertise and resources available, in order to be a key factor in their success and growth.


We believe in fostering a sense of responsibility, commitment and confidence in our personnel, by offering opportunities that will allow each individual to develop to his maximum potential.

Social responsibility

We believe in a continuous and proactive commitment to our community and the environment.

Q Factor

The Q Factor is the extra level of creativity and commitment that we bring to each challenge we solve for our clients, every day. It’s what makes us unique and what enables us to maintain lasting relationships with some of the most impressive corporations in the world.


  • 1961


    This corrugating factory, later acquired by SigmaQ, was established in El Salvador.

  • 1966


    Rotoflex, our flexible packaging plant with rotogravure printing, was founded in El Salvador.

  • 1969

    SigmaQ´s beginnings

    The Yarhi brothers, Nassin and David, founded SigmaQ, being the first merger in El Salvador.

  • 1969

    Litozadik: our first
    step in Guatemala

    LITOGRAFÍA BYRON ZADIK, a folding carton and other printed products factory, is acquired in Guatemala.

  • 1972

    Our corrugator
    in Guatemala

    CAJAS Y EMPAQUES, one of the biggest corrugating factories in Guatemala, was acquired.

  • 1973

    Sigma Foundation, in
    El Salvador

    Creation of Sigma Foundation.

  • 1977

    Sigma Foundation grows

    Sigma Foundation was created in Guatemala.

  • 1978

    A new plastic
    containers member

    Kontein was established in El Salvador with injection and blown processes.

  • 1979

    Flexible factory in
    Costa Rica

    Magma, a flexible packaging plant with flexographic printing, was acquired.

  • 1985

    Our beginnings in
    the U.S.

    SigmaQ acquires BUFKOR INC., one of the most reputable displays and packaging manufacturers for jewelry in the United States.

  • 1985

    We now produce premium packaging

    SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, dedicated to the production of premium packaging, pouches and displays, was founded in El Salvador.

  • 1990

    SigmaQ in the Caribbean

    UNIPACK DEL CARIBE started operating as a sales office, in the Dominican Republic.

  • 1990

    Sales office in

    Canisa began operating as a sales and distribution office, and it is now known as Soluciones de Empaques.

  • 1991

    Our presence in

    Acquisition of our sales and distribution office, SigmaQ Mexico.

  • 1993

    Another corrugator

    Canasa, our third corrugating plant, is purchased in Honduras.

  • 1994

    Paper mill

    Copacasa paper mill restarts operations in Guatemala.

  • 2012

    Magma and Rotoflex

    MAGMA and ROTOFLEX merge flexible packaging production in ROTOFLEX, El Salvador, offering both flexographic and rotogravure printing. MAGMA becomes our macro sales and distribution center in Costa Rica.

  • 2014

    Chippenhook in
    the U.S.

    Acquisition of renowned American company with factories in Hong Kong and sales offices in the U.S., specialized in the design and manufacture of visual display materials.


International Packaging Group
International Flexible Packaging Network
Retail Packaging Association
Technical Association for the Pulp and Paper Industry
The American Gem Society
Asociación de Corrugadores del Caribe, Centro y Sur América
Asociación Costarricense de la Industria del Plástico
Cámara de Industria de Costa Rica
Cámara de Industria de Guatemala
Asociación Guatemalteca de Exportadores
Asociación Salvadoreña de Industriales
Cámara de Comercio e Industria de El Salvador
Cámara Americana de Comercio de El Salvador
Corporación de Exportadores de El Salvador
Asociación Nacional de la Empresa Privada


The following regional and international recognitions, awarded to the different companies that form SigmaQ, are the result of the commitment, knowledge, experience and abundant creativity that we constantly provide our customers.


Pre-press (Reprocentro)


Folding cartons and labels (Litografía Zadik)

Premium packaging and displays (Specialty Products)

Flexible packaging (Rotoflex, Magma)

Rigid plastic containers (Kontein)

Corrugated packaging


Committed to directly contributing to our clients' success, we constantly invest in state of the art technology and equipment to transform the greatest variety of raw materials into world class packaging solutions. Our strategic alliances with leading international suppliers allow us to ensure lower costs, production efficiency, timely deliveries and high quality packaging.

Supplier’s Code of Conduct
SigmaQ is the leading packaging supplier in the region, with strong worldwide market participation, dedicated to helping its customers grow their business through commitment to their success, deep knowledge of their needs and objectives, unsurpassed expertise and constant dedication to developing creative packaging solutions.

SigmaQ is composed of 10 subsidiary companies located along Central America and by 8 sales representatives in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and Europe. It provides integrated packaging solutions, including a variety of product lines: corrugated, flexible and luxury packaging; folding cartons, paper bags, plastic containers, gift wrap, displays, labels and a paper mill.

Committed to offering high quality products to its clients, SigmaQ considers that its Suppliers play a key role in the achievement of this goal. Consequently, all Suppliers are introduced to the SigmaQ Supplier’s Code of Conduct.

This document covers the following aspects:

1. Ethics
2. Work Environment
3. Health, Safety and the Environment
4. Quality and Management Systems

The Supplier shall transmit and communicate the existence of this Code of Conduct to the members of its organization it considers pertinent, through adequate methods.
SigmaQ reserves the right to verify that the Supplier complies with all statutes established in this Code.
Should SigmaQ learn of the Supplier’s failure to comply with any action or condition established in this Code of Conduct, a written notification will be sent to the Supplier specifying the misconduct and the actions to be taken.
SigmaQ also reserves the right to terminate any commercial contract or agreement with any Supplier that fails to comply with this Code of Conduct.

Mauricio Aguilar
Corporate Sourcing Leader
E: eaguilar@sigmaq.com
T: (503) 2254-2500/2798