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Flexible Packaging Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of printing do you provide?

We offer both rotogravure and flexographic printing.

Which quality certifications do you have?

We have ISO 90015, FSSC 2200, FSC, SMETA, and URSA certifications.

Where are SigmaQ’s facilities?

We have flexible packaging production plants in Mexico and El Salvador. Our parent company has locations in Central America, the Caribbean, Hong Kong, and the U.S. (Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, and Buffalo).

Should I use customized flexible packaging or cheaper stock options?

  • In most cases, customized flexible packaging is superior to stock options. This is especially true for food products. Here are our top reasons why this is the case:  
    • Compatibility with fundamental machinery – Organizations usually customize flexible packaging to sync with filling machines or other equipment. This process can make stock flexible packaging more challenging or impossible to utilize.
    • Extended shelf life – Stock flexible packaging is not product-specific, so it often fails to maximize freshness, leading to product or revenue losses. Reliable suppliers design their flexible packaging considering factors that could negatively impact shelf-life. 
    • Boosted consumer engagement – Whether in a physical display or on an e-commerce website, standard packaging lacks the shelf appeal and charm of its customized competitors.  
    • Evolving marketplace – Changes in market conditions can compel companies to modify their products. Standardized packaging severely limits the available change options.
    • Valuable options – Many food products require specifications such as UV or moisture barriers to preserve the products’ distinctive properties, such as appearance, flavor, or aroma. 

What types of flexible packaging does SigmaQ offer?

We specialize in complex structures. Our packaging is used for products that require high barriers to guarantee their quality and shelf life. We offer the following kinds of flexible packaging, with multiple customization choices. Click each option for more information.

Do you provide samples?

Yes! We recommend sample runs for all our new clients to ensure our packaging runs effectively in the filling and packing machines. Costs and lead times will depend on specific materials and structures.

Can you optimize my current flexible packaging?

Yes. We have personnel who specialize in assessing packaging structures and recommending alternatives if necessary.

Will SigmaQ send an expert to my facility to ensure that the flexible packaging will sync with equipment and align with product specifications and shipping needs?

Yes. SiqmaQ’s experienced engineers routinely travel to customer facilities to customize our flexible packaging to your machinery. We train each member of our Innovation Team to spot packaging irregularities and avoid errors that can lead to losses in products or revenue.

What is your lead time?

Lead time is usually dependent on the materials we use. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

What information do I need to provide to get a quote?

We need details about your project to offer you a quote, such as packaging type, dimensions, product to be packaged, and quantities. If you are unsure of project details, our experienced sales team can walk you through the process.

What are your hours?

Our customer support team is available Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time.

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