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Flexible Packaging for Industries & Markets

SigmaQ expertise includes:

One of the few suppliers that offer diverse flexible packaging options for all applicable industries, SigmaQ has the resources to overcome many supply chain and logistical issues to deliver high-quality solutions that protect your products. Below is a look at how we provide value for some of the most common types of flexible packaging users. 

You can find the answers to frequently asked questions about flexible packaging here.


The food industry is the largest purchaser of flexible packaging, accounting for 52% of shipments . Flexible packages typically use barrier material to block UV, moisture, grease, and other contaminants. Food types that commonly use flexible packaging include:

  • baby food
  • snack/candy
  • organic/gourmet items
  • butter/margarine
  • Cheese
  • Bouillon

Pouches such as doypacks are popular for food because they are lightweight and offer the convenience of resealability. The food industry also regularly uses:

Personal & Homecare

The convenience and eco-friendliness of flexible packaging make it a perfect fit for home care products. For example, single-use is now the most popular type of laundry detergent packaging. Recent studies of flexible stand-up pouches with a zipper found this means of storage enhances laundry pod sustainability.

Other common types of flexible packaging for personal and home care include:


Due to their ability to reduce environmental impacts, stand-up flexible pouches have revolutionized coffee storage. Manufacturers of powdered sports drinks, teas, and juices have found similar success with flexible packaging options that offer smaller, lighter packaging that store more product and reduce shipping costs.

Common types of flexible packaging for beverages include:

Pharmaceutical Products

Flexible packaging offers exceptional barriers that protect products from moisture and microwave oven temperatures, making it a great fit for pharmaceuticals. SigmaQ also specializes in high-quality designs to boost shelf appeal.  

Common types of flexible packaging for pharmaceutical products include:

Pet Products

Today’s pet owners want organic, high-end foods that meet the same standards as human food.

Flexible packages offer functional enhancements like stay-fresh zippers for pet food , which protect consumers’ purchases. Flexible stand-up bags are more sustainable for cat litter storage than boxes and rigid plastic buckets.  

Other types of flexible packaging for pet products include:

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