Flexible Packaging For Food

The food industry is the largest purchaser of flexible packaging, accounting for 52% of shipments*. Flexible packages typically use barrier material to block UV, moisture, grease, and other contaminants to maintain a product’s freshness and flavor. Food types that commonly use flexible packaging include:

  • baby food
  • Snacks/candies
  • Organic/gourmet items
  • Butter/margarine
  • Cheese
  • Bouillon

Stand-up pouches, or doypacks , are popular for food because they are lightweight and offer the convenience of resealability. The food industry also regularly uses:

SigmaQ’s customized flexible packaging can help food manufacturers

  • Meet sustainability initiatives 
  • Sync with existing machinery
  • Improve shelf appeal
  • Protect products with high-barrier materials
  • Streamline shipping by avoiding overseas shipping 

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*Source: https://www.flexpack.org/facts-and-figures


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