Flexible Packaging for Pets

As the organic and high-quality pet food markets continue to grow, so does the need for high-quality flexible packaging

SigmaQ uses high-density barriers to safeguard pet food freshness and optimize shelf life. We also specialize in customized, high-quality packaging to boost shelf appeal , which is key to attracting high-end pet food shoppers.

Sustainable pet food packaging

As environmental legislation and corporate sustainability initiatives influence packaging design, more companies are using flexible packaging to reduce energy and resource consumption. According to the Flexible Packaging Association, flexibles provide various sustainability advantages when compared to other package formats, including:

  • Landfill usage reduction 
  • Material and resource efficiency 
  • Diminished transportation 
  • High product-to-package ratio 
  • Product protection 

Flexible options for pet food manufacturers

Instead of offering only stock packaging options, SigmaQ provides the following types of flexible packaging, each with multiple modification choices:

Why SigmaQ?

High-quality packaging 

Low-quality packaging often fails to meet the expectations of pet food

consumers. Even worse, inadequate packaging may not pass inspections or withstand the temperature, humidity, or supply chain processes, leading to product decay and lost revenue. SigmaQ uses only high-quality raw materials in its flexible packaging offerings. We specialize in producing absolute air-tightness for custom bags, and have the capability to add accessories such as pre-cut laser, easy-open, zippers, and degassing valves. Shapes and types include: pouches or doypacks, rolls for sachets, pillows, and large format bags. 

Integrated printing capability

SigmaQ uses both rotogravure and flexography printing methods. Our Innovation & Development team helps customers determine which type of custom printing is appropriate for their packaging based on their preferred design and product needs. This adaptability helps optimize the packaging’s appearance, driving consumer intrigue and interaction. We also offer matte-finish printing, which is currently gaining popularity.

Communication and consultation

With multiple locations in the Americas, you can reach SigmaQ via phone or email during regular US business hours. Our experts routinely visit customer facilities to ensure our packaging works with your products and equipment. Whether you want to develop new packaging or optimize existing assets, SigmaQ can design your process to ensure that the packaging includes customization and barriers to meet sustainability and product protection requirements.

Closer than you think

With locations in Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador, we can streamline the shipping process and in-person QA visits.

We support our communities

Q! ACTION, our corporate social responsibility program, focuses on improving education, well-being, society, and the environment. As part of the Q! ACTION endeavor, the Sigma Foundation contributes to improving the lives of more than 300,000 Central Americans. One of its

flagship project is the annual delivery of 200 educational scholarships for collaborators and children.

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