It’s not just a package or display.
We create statements and lasting impressions for your brand.
Premium packaging and displays
Vassi Design Group is the luxury division of SigmaQ that designs and manufactures premium packaging, fixtures and display for multiple industries worldwide: wine and spirits, jewelry, beauty, tobacco, confectionary, fashion, optical and outdoors
Luxury Design & Development
We have 3 own luxury packaging design and development centers located in El Salvador and the United States (Dallas, TX and Buffalo, NY.)
Our designers are experts in luxury packaging and displays. They create custom packaging and displays for your brand, considering both aesthetic and functional aspects. We can also work with an existing design and select the most adequate materials and processes so that the final product matches the design provided.
Jewellery packaging and displays
Luxury personalized furniture and displays
Luxury packaging and displays

In-house expert Design (structural y graphic) and Development teams in El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and the U.S. (Texas & New York)

Renderings and prototypes

High quality materials: wood, MDF, fabrics and leatherettes, leather, acrylic, plastic, glass, aluminum, iron

High graphic printing: offset, flexography, rotogravure, holographic and silkscreening

Application of hinges and accessories



Multiple varnishes

Die-cutting and windows

Metallic hotstamping

Laser engraving

CNC routing

Embossing and de-bossing

Woodwork and painting