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Protecting and displaying your product is not just an ART. It´s a SCIENCE that we have perfected. We are committed to ensuring consistent quality in our packaging and displays, while permanently working on the continuous improvement of our processes and quality control systems.
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We are convinced that no constructive challenge is impossible to achieve, while being committed to providing consumers with the most innovative, functional and sustainable solutions.
Flexible Packaging
September 17, 2021

Flexible Packing Supply Side Considerations

The flexible packaging industry has been growing at a remarkable pace over the years, particularly as more and more industries start to see the benefit of using these flexible packaging…
Flexible Packaging for Food: SigmaQ Flexible Packaging
September 10, 2021

Flexible Packaging for food, everything companies need to know

For many companies in the food and beverage industry, standing out in a crowded market has always been one of their biggest challenges. One of the easiest ways to do…
Best Practices for Premium Ecommerce Packaging Ecommerce
August 12, 2021

Best Practices for Premium Ecommerce Packaging

Ecommerce packaging is an evolving industry. They say first impressions are everything, and the saying holds true not only with the people you meet, but the products you use as…
Flexible packaging for pet food Flexible Packaging
August 8, 2021

How Flexible Packaging For Pet Food Can Attract Consumers

Flexible packaging for pet food. It is an essential item for millions of homeowners around the globe who rely on these consumables for their beloved canine companions and feline friends.…