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Spirits Packaging

Tequila Patrón
Are you looking for a way to showcase your premium spirits brand?
Are you overwhelmed about where to begin when it comes to choosing a supplier of alcoholic spirits packaging?

Every spirits brand is different–and their packaging should be, too. That’s why our teams at SigmaQ work closely with our customers to create custom packaging products that will amplify the essence of their unique brand.

And, while your brand’s packaging should be luxurious to the customer, it also needs to be functional in order to perfectly protect your quality product.

We can manage every element of your spirits packaging:

For smaller brands, our in-house design experts can help with everything–from brainstorming, concept, design and development all the way to flawlessly executing

For larger brands, we can develop your design concepts and ensure they are perfectly engineered and manufactured: on -budget, on -time and meeting your quality standards

We offer a variety of different options for materials and processes, allowing us to meet different budgets, and also to capture each brand’s essence in our packaging

Our multi-packaging capabilities guarantee consistency across colors, textures, logos, finishes to provide a coordinated, cohesive strengthening of your brand

Our strategic alliances with premium suppliers allow us to consistently guarantee timely deliveries

About Us

Our manufacturing offices in Central America are ideal for shipments to Mexico, the US and the Caribbean, and our SigmaQ  sales offices in Mexico, the US and the Caribbean allow us to be close to our customers.

Our products

Folding cartons

Premium canisters

Rigid board boxes

Wood boxes

Corrugated shippers

Leading spirits brands trust us with their packaging needs – why don’t you?


Luxury Spirits Packaging: Customer Perceptions

Appealing to your customers is paramount – and before they decide to take a sip of anything, the spirits packaging must beckon the customer, inviting them to choose your luxury spirits product.

Since luxury spirits are often viewed as a treat, it’s important to choose luxury spirits packaging that reflects customers’ perceptions and expectations.

Let us take the stress out of your search for premium spirits packaging. Contact us today to get started!

SigmaQ Premium Spirits Packaging Experts

There’s a reason why premium spirits brands put so much thought into displaying their product. An eye-catching premium spirits display is a prominent way to showcase a brand and turn browsers into buyers!

Taking the time to create a spirits packaging design that reflects your branding and messaging is an important way to showcase your luxury spirits packaging.

At SigmaQ, we bring premium spirits brands’ visions to life by way of our high quality custom spirits packaging products.

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Don Julio folding carton
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