At SigmaQ, we have been regional pioneers in Corporate Social Responsibility, being one of the first companies to invest in our personnel´s personal and professional development. We are firmly committed to their health, education and well-being, always going the extra mile to improve our installations and grant them with as many benefits and resources as possible.
• 11 corporate medical clinics in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico
• Health campaigns for employees and their families
• 12 in-house cafeterias
• 3 lactation rooms, in El Salvador
• Multiple in-house recreational spaces:
• 3 pools
• 6 soccer courts
• 3 basketball courts
• 1 volleyball court
• 3 ping pong tables
• Q! Fit gym in El Salvador
• 3 sets of uniforms every year
• Internal library with 314 books
• Free technical trainings and English classes
• Supermarket certificates
• Multiple celebrations throughout the year

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