In addition to protecting products, packaging protects brands as well. Well-designed and well executed packaging, focused on intriguing the consumer, can become a powerful ally for brands, reinforcing their values and creating loyal customers. 

Since consumers mostly take in products visually, it’s imperative to play with attractive packaging designs and colors related to the brand.

Consumers judge a product by its packaging. Even though packaging doesn’t determine the quality of the product it contains, it definitely shapes a consumer’s perception regarding its expected quality and value. Premium packaging, flawlessly executed, will make consumers expect a premium product. Low end packaging, on the other hand, sets the expectation for a lower quality product.   

Creativity is key when it comes to producing attractive and functional packaging. Packaging designers must consider everything from materials and colors to functionality and the message to be conveyed. After all, great packaging can change a consumer’s mind, spark an impulse buy and even make consumers re-use the packaging – becoming willing ambassadors for the brand.

Rather than thinking about packaging as an expense, think of it as an investment, one to create love at first sight.