Best Practices for Premium Ecommerce Packaging

Ecommerce packaging is an evolving industry. They say first impressions are everything, and the saying holds true not only with the people you meet, but the products you use as well. And ecommerce packaging companies are taking note, by paying more attention to the packaging that their products come in, to make certain their customers are getting that great first impression when they try new products. 

What is Ecommerce packaging?

Simply put, ecommerce packaging is the packaging solution that a product comes with in an online purchase. For many years, shipping and fulfillment was seen primarily as a way in which companies could safely get their items to customers. However, many have already discovered that the right packaging is about so much more than that.

This industry is growing at a rapid rate as companies are beginning to understand just how important packaging is to their overall customer experience. Packaging is the first touchpoint with their customers and can help brands make a connection with their consumers. 

The Importance of Ecommerce Product Packaging 

Ecommerce product packaging isn’t just about finding a practical box or envelope for a product to be shipped in. This is actually a potential, and often underused, marketing opportunity. With the right, premium ecommerce packaging, brands can help make a statement, solidify their brand identity or even get the attention of potential customers.

The best part about this is that there are so many different types of ecommerce packaging for companies to use in an effort to get this message across.

Types of Ecommerce Packaging 

Ecommerce packaging is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach. This has become even more evident since the Covid-19 pandemic hit and more customers than ever are now relying on online shopping. There are so many ecommerce companies that are looking to differentiate their brand and stand out in a saturated online market.

And ecommerce packaging is a great way to do this. The good news is, there are a number of different types of ecommerce packaging you can choose from to make this stand-out first impression.


Perhaps the most classic packaging option, of course, is a box. However, many brands are straying away from the standard brown box that we all once knew and starting to opt for unique box options that truly stand out. Boxes can be printed (and even shipped) in brand colors and designs and can even feature brand identifying markers on the inside of the box.

Many companies are opting for these higher quality boxes that are not only meant to be reused, but that can showcase a company’s creativity. 

Custom Envelopes 

Custom envelopes are a great type of packaging and offer more versatility for products that may not work best in a standard box. There are many benefits to flexible packaging, particularly for companies that need to send clothing, or several small products at once.

Today, durable, padded envelopes are seen as the new packaging norm and customizations to these envelopes can help them stand out, make a statement and get the brand’s message across in an instant. 

Custom Product Packaging 

With the growing popularity of online shopping, more companies than ever are turning to custom product packaging solutions to fit their product’s unique needs. Simply put, the sky is the limit when it comes to stand-out packaging solutions.

Many companies are turning to tubes, bags, satchels and other flexible packaging solutions to deliver their products in style. As ecommerce companies understand that packaging is an extension of their brand, there has been no shortage of different unique ways that companies are packaging their products and making a big impact while they do.  

Packaging Tips 

If you are looking to rebrand your current packaging efforts, there are a few tips that you can try in order to make sure you choose the right packaging solution for your company.

Make Sure the Package Fits 

Of course, your product needs to fit in your package, but this isn’t the only way you need to pay attention to “fit” with your packaging needs. Think about what it is that you are packaging inside and how it will look when the individual opens that package. Don’t try to make something fit just because, think of the presentation and how the item can be stored inside your packaging.

Focus on Flex Packaging 

Flex packaging is definitely the future in this industry. While there are times when a classic, four-sided box is definitely the solution, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Flex packaging offers more versatility than ever before and can still keep your items safe enough to ship.

Focus on Branding 

The package needs to fit with the type or style of product that is inside, and it needs to fit with your brand aesthetic. Don’t go with a futuristic, hexagon-shaped, bright, white shiny tube if your brand has a holistic, all-natural approach.


If you don’t already see a packaging solution that works for you—don’t be afraid to create something new. With innovative companies like SigmaQ leading the way in the packaging industry, there are now more options than ever for stand-out brands to create a packaging look and solution that truly works for them.

SigmaQ: The Right Choice

As you start to dream up the perfect packaging product for your needs, make sure that you have the right company behind you to bring these “musts” and your unique vision to life. Here at SigmaQ, it is our passion to help you create packaging products that you can feel good about and that can truly represent your unique brand.