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Flexible packaging for pet food

Flexible packaging for pet food. It is an essential item for millions of homeowners around the globe who rely on these consumables for their beloved canine companions and feline friends. For most families, pets are part of the family and making sure that they get high-quality food is important to their overall well being. In fact, more households than ever are purchasing premium products for their pets.

While years ago, many families were fine with picking up a bag of food at the grocery market or hardware store, today’s pet owners are looking to specialty shops and e-merchants for their pet food needs. They want organic, natural, high-end foods that meet the same standards as human foods. In short, the industry has taken off tremendously and is completely different than it was just a decade ago.

In fact, the pet food industry is estimated to be worth over $33 billion and is only continuing to grow at a rapid rate. However, as the premium pet food industry continues to take off, more companies are looking for ways to attract customers and beat out the competition. After all, if pet owners aren’t just grabbing the cheapest bag at the grocery store—there has to be something done to stand out in the market.

What is Flexible Packaging for Pet Food?

What is exactly flexible packaging? As the name suggests, it can be any type of product packaging that is more flexible than a traditional box.

This is because this type of packaging is not only lighter and easier to transport, but it can be made out of more eco-friendly materials than traditional packaging solutions can be. It is also a less wasteful option as the product-to-package ratio is much better in flexible products.

The Impact of Packaging in the Pet Food Industry

This is particularly true when it comes to the emergence of these premium pet food brands. When pet food suppliers are able to stand out with their containers—they can easily attract the exact customer they are looking for—whether it is a sustainable shopper or a pet parent who wants a more personalized diet.

With flexible packaging, these brands have more creative options than ever and can easily make sure that their pet food containers are standing out from the crowd. Pet food shelves are filling up with the latest and greatest products and the right packaging may be the only thing that will convince shoppers to give a certain brand a second look.

Attracting Higher-End Buyers

Brands who want to sell higher-end pet food, need to have flexible packaging that attracts higher end buyers. Flexible packages not only offer premium protection for their food, ensuring it stays fresh, but also come with other features that will appeal to luxury food buyers.

Practical and convenient features like carrying handles often appeal to buyers who are already willing to pay extra for a premium product. Stay-fresh zippers are another popular feature in flexible packaging that ensures pet food buyers that their more expensive product will continue to stay fresh as they use it.

SigmaQ: The Right Solution for Flexible Packaging for Pet Food

As you start to dream up the perfect flexible pet packaging product for your needs, make sure that you have the right company behind you to bring these “musts” and your unique vision to life. Here at SigmaQ, it is our passion to help you create packaging products that you can feel good about and that can truly represent your unique brand.


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