Sustainable Packaging Examples

HYDRO—global leading aluminum supplier—has demonstrated that aluminum guarantees hermeticity and complete barrier from contamination (air, light, aroma and substances), while it is non-toxic and releases no smell or taste particles. Therefore, our aluminum-based flexible packaging preserves more resources than it consumes, because:

• It safeguards product quality, extends product shelf life and helps preserve food, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Thus reducing the environmental foot print of their additional production and food wastage.

• Given its lower weight versus other packaging types, it results in less energy consumption because it:

  1. optimizes transportation needs and
  2. requires no refrigeration due to its hermeticity

• It saves consumers time in cooking and preparing meals, by enabling consumption of fully-prepared meals, canned and frozen foods.

According to Hans-Jürgen Schmidt, Product Ecology Director, “wasted foods have a negative ecological impact ten times higher than that of packaging residues.”

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