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Flexible Packaging

Our eye-catching, top-quality solutions protect your product and boost consumer convenience

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  • Sigma Productos Flexible Doypacks

    Doypacks Packaging

  • Sigma Productos FlexibleLids

    Lids Packaging

  • Sigma Productos Flexible Etiquetas

    Roll-fed labels

  • Sigma Productos Flexible Bobinas


  • Sigma Productos Flexible Sachets

    Sachets Packaging

  • Sigma Productos Flexible Bolsas


  • product placeholder

    Thermo-shrinkable sleeves


  • Only high quality raw materials, including: aluminum, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, cellophane, nylon and paper
  • Flexographic and rotogravure high graphic printing
  • Matte or glossy finishes
  • Flexible minimums
  • Expertise in different types of lamination
  • Up to seven layers of co extrusions
  • Experts in guaranteeing your product’s shelf life
  • In-house pre-press
  • Multiple signals in low, medium and high velocity
  • Custom bags, in different shapes and types: pouches or doypack, rolls for sachets, pillows and large format bags.
  • Accessories include: pre-cut laser, easy-open, zipper and degassing valve. Dies for custom shapes and handles.
  • Product delivered in rolls or individual bags.
  • Expertise developing custom packaging for most industries

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