Options in Flexible Packaging For Powdered Drinks

Flexible packaging for powdered drinks : From standard powdered sport drink mixes to protein powders, teas and juices and even powdered health foods, there is no shortage of the different types of powdered drink solutions out there.

However, for the many companies that are manufacturing their own powdered drinks—there is one major hurdle to overcome: packaging.

Packaging Options For Powdered Drinks

When you think of all of the powdered drinks at the store you will notice that many of these powders come in different sizes and types of containers, from big, plastic hot cocoa jars, to small plastic tubes of iced tea.

The packaging for any retail product is important, not only in terms of functionality but in its ability to help a product stand out on a shelf. Packaging can make all of the difference in the world, so what are your options when it comes to powdered drinks?

Rigid Containers

Perhaps the most common solution you will see for powdered drinks is a rigid container or molded container. With the right manufacturing company, these containers can be made into virtually any type or style. Rigid containers will have a cap on them, but it is important with powdered drinks that the cap is resealable to maintain freshness.

Unfortunately, while plastic, rigid containers are popular, not all rigid containers are created equal. It is important with powdered drinks that these rigid containers are always made with FDA-approved raw materials that are safe to be around food and beverages.

Pouches and Bags

Pouches are a much smarter alternative for storing powdered drinks. They are lightweight, eco-friendly and allow for brands to store more product in a smaller package. These durable pouches are extremely popular in the flexible packaging sphere and are great for consumable items because they protect from odor, light and vapor.

They are particularly well-suited for powdered drinks because they also protect from moisture. Pouches can also be made to be resealable—a big game changer for the powdered drink industry as they can work to keep products fresh while still offering the flexibility that make pouches so popular.

While there are many different types of pouches, it is best to look for those made of durable materials like aluminum that won’t leach smells or flavors into the powdered product.

Stand Up Bags or Doypacks

Similar in style to pouches, stand up bags are another popular option for powdered drinks. They are easy to display, stand up on their own, and like pouches are lightweight and offer more flexibility. In fact, they are essentially a type of pouch with a firm bottom that allows them to stand up.

Stand up bags may be lightweight and easy to transport, but they are also notoriously puncture-proof and durable—meaning customers and manufacturers alike don’t have to worry about spills or messes with powdered products.

These are all great solutions for drink mix packaging. However, these flexible packaging options span beyond just powdered drinks. They can be used on all types of products both inside and outside of the food and beverage industry. That is what is so great about flexible packaging solutions—they are truly that, they are flexible. 


For powdered drinks that are meant to be consumed on-the-go, there are single use sachets. These smaller, airtight bags are perfect for single-serving powdered drinks and are small and convenient enough to be thrown in a work bag or purse.

These little sachets can provide total air tightness to maintain the quality and integrity of the powdered product and make sure that moisture and air stay out. It is best to get these sachets made with certified raw materials like cellophane, paper, nylon or aluminum for the best overall results.

Of course, no matter which of these packaging solutions you choose, it is always important to make sure that you are using FDA-approved packaging materials and solutions that will keep the product pure and safe. There is no reason to risk an inferior packaging solution that can contaminate your powdered product or put it at risk for spoiling.

While finding fun, innovative and eye-catching packaging products is fun, there is nothing as important as maintaining the integrity of a product.

If you are looking for products such as this that can help provide your company with the flexible packaging solution it needs—then SigmaQ has you covered. In addition to providing items that will work for powdered solutions, our company offers a number of different quality, sustainable, flexible packaging solutions that can work for virtually any product that you have.  And we are here to help you bring it to life in a way that works for your unique brand.

SigmaQ: The Right Choice

As you start to dream up the perfect packaging product for your needs, make sure that you have the right company behind you to bring these “musts” and your unique vision to life. Here at SigmaQ, it is our passion to help you create packaging products that you can feel good about and that can truly represent your unique brand.


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