Flexible Packaging Musts

Flexible packaging musts: As the name suggests, flexible packaging not only brings more physical flexibility to standard rigid packaging solutions, but it allows for more versatility when it comes to the materials used to create packaging.

Many companies are turning to flexible packaging simply because they allow for more “shelf appeal” and can stand out in a crowd—but there are so many more benefits to using flexible, instead of rigid packaging.

Companies are able to combine the best qualities of materials like plastic, aluminum, paper and film and enjoy many more options than they would with cardboard boxes alone. If you are one of the many companies out there considering flexible packaging solutions for their products, there are a few “musts” that you should keep in mind as you decide on the right flexible packaging solution to meet your needs.

It “Must” Help Extend Shelf Life

One of the many reasons that flexible packaging solutions have been so valuable over the years in the food and beverage industry is because they have the opportunity to extend the shelf life of a product. This of course has major benefits not only for the companies behind these products, but for the consumers as well.

In addition to helping extend the shelf life of food products and cutting back on waste, flexible packaging solutions have the opportunity to be more sustainable as well—which is a “must” for many companies in today’s world.

It “Must” Stand Out 

Flexible packaging solutions have the unique opportunity to serve as a marketing tool for companies that truly want to stand out from the competition. Since there are virtually no limits when it comes to the shape and style of flexible packaging solutions, companies who use these types of packages can help their products stand out on a shelf.

Of course, with the right packaging company behind the design, you can also make sure that the package represents the brand’s identity, logo and color scheme so it fits within that company’s overall message.

It “Must” Offer Customer Convenience 

Customers today can enjoy the unique benefits of packaging that is lightweight and more convenient to transport and take home. Whether you are looking for product packaging or even flexible shipping solutions—customers are taken notice of the versatility of these flexible packaging solutions.

Plus, with flexible packaging, many customers are able to re-seal, reuse and get more life out of the packaging products that they use—which is something that people (and the planet) can feel good about.

You “Must” Consider Aluminum

One of the biggest choices you will make with your new flexible packaging product is what exactly that product is going to be made out of. While there are many materials out there, aluminum-based packaging has become one of the most popular solutions in this space—and for good reason.

Aluminum is a lightweight material that can offer an airtight seal and a complete barrier to prevent contamination. It can even do this without emitting any odor or flavor particles that could leech into consumable products like food or drink.

Aluminum still not quite the right solution for you? There are plenty of other materials out there that can help you get the desired look and product you want—and the experts here at SigmaQ can help you find it.

Aluminum is a great product to consider when taking a green approach to your packaging, but there are other eco-friendly benefits of flexible packaging as well.

In fact, when you consider the “musts” for your new flexible packaging design, keep these features in mind as you create a flexible packaging product that really works for you. Add this with the fact that flexible packaging typically requires less water and energy to manufacture and transport, and you will definitely have a winning solution for your company. As you start to dream up the perfect flexible packaging product for your needs, make sure that you have the right company behind you to bring these “musts” and your unique vision to life. Here at SigmaQ, it is our passion to help you create packaging products that you can feel good about and that can truly represent your unique brand.


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