Nothing can ruin a buying experience faster than a supplier that lacks technical knowledge.

These disappointments definitely apply in the flexible packaging industry, where a manufacturer needs to have a thorough understanding of a customer’s specifications, equipment, and the many flexible packaging options available. 

Additionally, dealing with Asia-based packaging suppliers can be a logistical headache. Flexible packaging buyers in the US routinely face geographical and customer service issues when working with manufacturers thousands of thousands away, including slower delivery, increased shipping costs, language barriers, and more difficult travel for in-person quality assurance. 

Global supply chain issues have made it more important than ever for organizations reliant on flexible packaging to have more than one dependable supplier. Since finding and changing vendors can be yet another hassle, we are offering some advice on choosing the right

flexible packaging manufacturer, with the hope that your next supplier will be your last one. 

Here are the top four features to look for in a flexible packaging supplier.

Feature 1: Expertise

Does your packaging supplier send experts to your facility to inspect your equipment and ensure that your flexible packaging will fit your products’ specifications and shipping needs? If not, it may be time to reassess your vendor list because this is a critical step in avoiding failed inspections and ruined products.

SiqmaQ sends an experienced engineer to all of its customers’ facilities to sync our flexible packaging with their machinery. We train each member of our Innovation Team to spot packaging irregularities and avoid errors that can lead to losses in products or revenue.

Feature 2: Communication and Customer Service

Customer service and communication are becoming more critical for flexible packaging suppliers as brands increase their focus on efficiencies such as transparency, risk mitigation, and reliability. Packaging solutions that are promised but not correctly fulfilled by a provider negatively impact the supply chain, resulting in missing products and severed contracts. 

SigmaQ personnel specialize in proactive consulting and timely order communication and tracking. Our specialists are bilingual and experienced in working with customers around the world. They monitor customer accounts proactively to address supply chain challenges , and they offer full operational and technological transparency.

Feature 3: Logistics Advantages

How large of a discount does your business need to make up for slower delivery, increased shipping costs, and communication breakdowns? Eliminating these hindrances can increase the performance of your entire organization, making the value of a nearby, reliable packaging manufacturer practically immeasurable.

With sales and warehousing facilities in Los Angeles, Miami, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and headquarters in El Salvador, SigmaQ streamlines the shipping process and in-person QA visits. Your time is important to you, so it’s important to us!

Feature 4: Ability to Customize

The way your products are displayed on a shelf is critical to your sales efforts. That’s why professional flexible packaging providers offer customization of packaging as well as printing.  

SigmaQ goes beyond stock-only packaging options. We offer seven types of flexible packaging, each with multiple modification choices:

These options allow us to create the perfect packaging solution for your product! Contact us below to discover more ways we can help you. We look forward to learning about your business.

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