Flexible packaging supply

The flexible packaging industry has been growing at a remarkable pace over the years, particularly as more and more industries start to see the benefit of using these flexible packaging solutions for their brand. From reusable bags to sealable pouches, there are all types of flexible packaging options out there for all types of retail products.

However, it doesn’t mean that the flexible packaging industry hasn’t faced some hurdles. While there are several challenges that have impacted this industry, leading flexible packaging companies like SigmaQ have managed to overcome these hurdles and continue to deliver affordable and quality flexible packaging solutions.

Take a look at some of these considerations and how SigmaQ is pushing through to offer the best possible flexible packaging solutions for our customers.

Soaring Cost of Materials

Here at SigmaQ we have more than 50 years of experience in the packaging industry, and we’ve used that experience and our connections to secure the best bulk pricing on these important raw materials. 

Shelf Life

For companies in the food and beverage industry, there is nothing as important as extending the shelf life of their products. This is essential to the bottom line. At Sigma Q, we know that many of today’s most innovative flexible packaging solutions are able to provide an even longer shelf life for perishable items.

Here at SigmaQ, we pride ourselves on being able to create high-quality unique packaging solutions that are even more adept to preserve food and beverage items so they can stay as fresh as possible. 

COVID-19 Challenges

Ever since the COVID-19 virus first started changing the retail industry, more and more companies began relying on e-commerce and home delivery. This trend from the pandemic continues to dominate the retail industry. Flexible packaging solutions bring ease to shipping and delivery solutions, and the right packages, can help offer hygiene benefits as well during these uncertain times.

Here at SigmaQ, we are constantly working to stay ahead of the challenges, and ahead of the trends to ensure that all of our customers are getting the best possible flexible packaging solutions they need for their retail products. 

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